California Wild Fires in the Summer

california wild fires in the summer

In 2008 a series of over 2,780 wildfires burned throughout northern and central California. It was the third largest fire in size and second largest in cost in the history of the United States. The cause of the fires was lightning and human factors. The whole world sent aid to help fight the fires including [...]

Fire Alarm Systems Categories

fire alarm systems categories

There are many kinds of fire alarm systems that can be applied to different buildings and different needs. Price depends on the level of complexity. For example, a small office doesn’t need much more than one or two detectors but protecting large apartment building requires a lot of planning. Here are some of the more [...]

Another Brush Fire near San Diego

brush fire san diego

It seems as though California is constantly battling fires within its borders. How many millions of dollars have been lost to California brush fires? Now another one has appeared. A brush fire started around midday on Sunday September 23, 2012 near San Diego. The fire took place near the border between Mexico and California and [...]